4 Fundamental Tools to Cut Your Hair with Accuracy

It s for that reason crucial to have standard understanding concerning various precision hair cutting tools and when to use them. Having the guidelines is available in handy whether you are a-Do-It-Yourself (Do It Yourself), want to trim your kid s neck line or simply when you wish to make conversation in between you and your hair stylist sound a bit expert.

With that stated, let s take a look at typical hair cutting tools that are utilized to take abilities to the next level in the hair cutting industry.

Accurate hair-cutting indicates the specific strategy and tools need to be used throughout the hair cut. This ensures a perfect bob line or a fringe or any other design which looks almost perfect. When it comes to hairdressing, your abilities can be as great as the tools you use. In some cases, it s just overwhelming creating a set of tools that will match your abilities much better.

>> Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears

Shears are standard tools, however a less complex than the ordinary scissors. They are completely designed to cut hair. They vary in between 5 and 7 inches (17.78 cm), and they have a specifically developed tang to rest the pinky finger which means more comfort and control.

The very best part is shears are made truly sharp and cut a piece through hair without needing to fold or flex the hair. According to Scissor Tech Australia, for the scissors to preserve their efficiency, you need to regularly hone the blades. The basic design and spacing help avoid sore arms, shoulders and less tension on the back helping prevent tendonitis, bursitis and carpal-tunnel syndromes.

>> Texturizing/Thinning Shears

They are similar to the common shears except that they have teeth ingrained on each blade. The gaps permit the stylist to soften the lines, thin out the hair or just texture the extreme ends depending on the situation. Furthermore, they are used to blend and tame persistent hair and create hair volume if the appropriate technique is used. Depending upon the desired outcome, check your thinning scissors for the following qualities:

– Spacing between the teeth.
– If both blades have the teeth or it s simply one.
– The number of teeth available on each blade.

>> Razor Comb

The very best technique is to very first usage a pair of scissors and follow up with a razor blade. Depending on the stylist experience, an ideal line cut is still practical. If this seems a bit difficult, consider utilizing a razor comb.

It might come as a surprise to lots of, but you can actually completely cut your hair utilizing a razor and a comb. They are particularly helpful when cutting loads of hair on an otherwise basic hairstyle. If you wear t jagged hairline, consult with your hair stylist.

>> Neck/Edge Trimmers

These little buddies are specially developed to clean up edges on hairlines, neck lines, brief hairstyles, and beards. They are just like clippers, however they are little which is easier to handle hence more accurate.

>> Hair-Clippers

Simply as the name recommends, hair clippers are needed when you wish to develop best short haircuts such as fades or military hairstyles. They use the very same approach as texturizing scissors however are geared up with an electric mortar. Any hair that gets caught in between the little blades moving versus each other is simply cut. Its benefit is that it is more precise and easier to run.

>> Electric shaving machine

The type of tool you ll use is significantly identified by your capability to utilize it and the wanted outcomes. Knowing when to use a tool and how to use it is equally important. As seen, if you desire rugged hairline, for instance, utilize a razor, for short hair cuts or when you wish to clean your beard or neckline edges go with a clipper. Finally, invest your time in learning how to use these tools in order to be an all-round hairstylist.